What Makes Indices Trading So Popular?

Trading indices is a balanced way to trade on the world’s top financial markets without having to analyse the performance of an individual company stock.


Indices trading

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Indices are a measurement of the performance of a group of shares that are listed on an exchange. Because there is no underlying physical asset to exchange when trading indices, most indices trading is done with financial derivatives like CFDs.

  • Benefits of index trading

  • Trading indices is cheaper than trading each individual share
  • Get exposure to an entire sector or economy at once
  • Hedge against increasing volatility in your share portfolio or on your existing leveraged stock positions
  • Indices costs and details

    CFD trading enable you to take a position with leverage, meaning that you only need to put down a deposit – known as margin – to receive increased exposure. The margin required to open a position will vary depending on the market.

    The spread is the charge you pay us for executing your trade, calculated as the difference between the buy and sell prices of an underlying market. We’re constantly working to keep our spreads among the lowest in the industry.

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